January 22, 2021

Upon Awakening

Let's think about the 24 hours ahead. Our three panelists will share with you how they start their day, and take God, prayer, & meditation with them throughout. 
January 22, 2021

Rigorous Honesty - Step 1

Step 1: "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol, that our lives had become unmanageable..."
"Who cares to admit complete defeat?" - AA 12&12
Our three panelists this morning will share their experience, strength, and hope on Step 1.
January 22, 2021

The Fellowship You Crave

Fellowship. We all need it, especially now. But how to create it in healthy ways that foster recovery? Come learn as a panel of recovered members give us pointers on this timely topic.
Relapse. If we’re in it, we want to get out of it. If we’re not, we want to avoid it. The Big Book tells us how to get out and stay out of relapse, and this will be discussed in a special focus meeting led by a fellow who spent almost 7 years bingeing in OA before working the 12 steps and being gifted with 37 years of abstinence.
January 22, 2021

Body Image Workshop

The Body Image workshop is led by 2 longtime OA members who discovered that their body obsession was as great as their food obsession. The workshop takes you through the 12 steps to find freedom and peace from this obsession.. Bring a pad and pen!

January 22, 2021

Newcomers: Welcome Home!

This meeting will comprise of 3 speakers who will share their experience of when they first came in

January 22, 2021

Fear in Uncertain Times

The Big Book calls fear an evil and corroding thread. But we don’t have to live in it! Come learn how to resolve fear, Big Book style.
January 22, 2021

Recovery From Relapse

Relapse doesn’t have to be the final word! Join us for a discussion on tips and techniques to get out of relapse and into a relationship with our Higher Power.
January 23, 2021

Relationships in Recovery

One of the main land mines in recovery is navigating relationships. In this workshop, we will hear about engaging in relationships in ways that don’t threaten our recovery, and allow us to experience love in healthy ways.
January 23, 2021

The Recovery Process

This workshop is being led by a fellow with 37 years of abstinence, maintaining a weight loss of over 185 pounds. He continues to give extensive service at local, regional, and world service levels, and over the years has been chair of 6 different Intergroups across 4 states. This weekend, he will take you through the 12 step recovery process.
January 23, 2021

Powerless & Unmanageable

It’s been said that step one is the only step that must be done perfectly In order for us to work the rest of the steps. We must understand, accept and be completely convinced that we are out of options. We are powerless to the food and that our lives are unmanageable.

January 23, 2021

Sober Eating Workshop

The Sober Eating workshop provides an opportunity to obtain clarity and stability around food so that we may begin to  recover from the disease of compulsive overeating and food addiction. Drawing from the Doctor’s Opinion from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the experience of program members, we help participants learn what it means to be sober with food and to initiate a sober eating plan.  
A Life Beyond our Wildest Dreams is promised to us if we follow the 12 steps as outlined. Our panelists today are OA long-timers, and will share their experience, strength and hope. As the result of working these steps, they have spiritually awakened, and are here to carry the message that some of them have lived for over 40 years.
January 23, 2021

The Family Afterward

There is an afterward!! And just as we need to learn new ways of eating, we need to learn new ways of relating to others in our home. Let’s learn together!
You may speak English or Spanish or French, but your heart speaks Love. Let’s talk about trust, surrender and all of the ingredients that go into the second and third steps.
Imagine having access to Infinite  Power and Love. We can do more than imagine it - the Big Book promised it! Let’s talk about prayer and meditation together!
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